HotelXperts™ is a dynamic organization in the hospitality industry which supplies hotels and restaurants worldwide and has available more than 25,000 outstanding products. Our organization is capable of complying with the highest quality standards of the major international hotel chains.


We are truly experts and we know how to make every new opening rapid, efficient, and economical

Hotel openings can be a stressful experience for everyone, but not with HotelXperts™. Right from the very start we make everything flow smoothly. We assign an experienced personal Project Manager from the first day, his assignment is to guarantee the best price, the best quality and precise on-time delivery at each phase of the project. And that’s what he does!


Increase your profits by making your daily operations more efficient

Daily Operations can be a profit-leak if they are taken for granted. We can help you analyze every phase of your daily operations to cut costs as much as 15% or more – which quickly shows up on your bottom line.


Top Quality, low cost, rapid delivery, that’s the secret of our remodelations

Guests are extremely sensitive to the quality of the hotel infrastructure. They want a modern-looking, latest-technology environment; we can offer you that with minimum changes in your current infrastructure. We have the latest technology, the most modern materials and our vast experience to guarantee the satisfaction of your guests. Remodelations are our speciality!


International standards

HotelXperts™ guarantees top quality, every product we sell is the best in its category, without exceptions. We are familiar with all the international specifications, we understand the special requirements of all major hotel chains, when you buy from HotelXperts™you can be sure of three things: Best quality, best price and the best service.

On-Demand purchasing

We make your purchasing RELIABLE! We fulfill Master Purchase Orders directly from our local warehouses for fastest delivery and lowest costs. We guarantee delivery within 72 hours from the time we receive your order. Our unique Always Available™ product guarantee applies.

Procurement made easy

We take all the tension out of procurement. We make it easy to keep your new openings and your remodeling exactly within budget. We slash your logistic costs and make on-time delivery the rule.


Products run out and emergencies occur… And it happens all too often on weekends or holidays. For select corporate clients, we have our own unique answer: Connect to 911@HotelXperts™ anytime, we’re here to help!


That’s where we shine! We know how important it is to keep the presence of your hotel exactly the same -- no matter where you are… We are specialists with plenty of experience and know-how. Rely on us to do it efficiently and economically.


That’s our very own design atelier. Our design studio will take your best ideas and make them come to life like never before. Our team of talented designers, engineers and architects will create unique products just for you. Everything from the stationery in your rooms to a complete operating hotel, we love challenges!